Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2024 | From Blanket Hoodies to Chunky Boots

Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2024 | From Blanket Hoodies to Chunky Boots

Men's Fashion Trends Winter 2024

Step into the season with flair as we unravel the captivating Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2024, featuring a fusion of cozy comforts, retro revivals, and statement styles that redefine winter wardrobes.

As the brutal winter of 2024 descends upon us, we again lament the state of men’s fashion. Gone are the days of statement parkas and sleek peacoats. This season, the uninspired and uninspiring shapeless masses have emerged from their closets, ready to offend our sartorial sensibilities for the next few frigid months. 

We’re talking blankets with sleeves, oversized knit ‘cardigans’ that could double as sleeping bags, and ‘cozy’ sweatpants-jogger hybrids that should never see the light of day. Gentlemen, we understand the desire to be comfortable when Jack Frost comes knocking, but must we resort to what can only be described as a Snuggie in disguise? 

Take note—there are still ways to stay toasty without sacrificing your dignity. If we must endure shapeless masses this winter, let them be cashmere. The time for stylish hibernation is upon us.

 Winter 2024: An Introduction

According to our sources, come winter 2024, we gents will be rocking some seriously snug attire. 

Men's Fashion Trending Accesories


The Return of the Snuggie

You heard that right, fellas. The Snuggie is back and more high fashion than ever. Designers have given the classic fleece blanket with sleeves a stylish makeover using luxurious fabrics like cashmere and alpaca. Pair your couture Snuggie with slippers and a nightcap for a night in. You’ll be the epitome of comfort and class.

All About the Accessories

With fashion, it’s often the little details that make a big statement. In 2024, statement jewelry, patterned scarves, and textured gloves will be essential accessories. Chunky necklaces, gemstone rings, and cufflinks add a panache to any outfit. Oversized plaid scarves and leather gloves bring a rustic vibe. And did we mention the hats? Newsboys, fedoras, and trapper hats galore. Top your look off with a statement hat for instant style points.

The Rise of Retro

Styles from the 70s and 80s are making a huge comeback. Corduroy pants, turtleneck sweaters, and bomber jackets are wardrobe must-haves. The season’s colors are forest green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. Disco collars, wide lapels, and patchwork prints are all the rage. Channel your inner John Travolta, and you’ll be at the height of retro fashion fabulousness. The future of men’s fashion is nostalgic, gents. All aboard the retro train to trendy town!

Cozy Sweaters and Knits Rule the Runway

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to hunker down in the coziest knits this winter. According to the runways, sweaters and knitwear will rule menswear this season.

Chunky Knits Are In

Forget fitted sweaters – this year, oversized and chunky is the name of the game. We’re talking sweaters so big and slouchy you’ll feel like drowning in a sea of wool. But in a good way. Wear them with equally loose-fitting trousers for a look that says, “I may have just rolled out of bed, but I still look good.”

Fair Isle and Nordic Patterns

Nordic-inspired patterns are making a comeback. Look for sweaters featuring geometric designs, reindeer, and fair isle prints. Pair with a solid scarf and beanie for a stylish apres-ski vibe, even if the only “skiing” you’ll be doing is binge-watching that new snowboarding show on streaming.

Turtlenecks: Not Just for Steve Jobs

Turtlenecks are no longer just for tech geniuses and beat poets. This season, turtlenecks come in soft, lightweight Merino wools and cashmere, perfect for layering under blazers and jackets. Look for turtlenecks in solid grays, blacks, and navies – or go bold with mustard yellows and forest greens.

While trends may come and go, you really can’t go wrong with a well-made sweater. So do yourself a favor this winter – cozy up in a chunky knit, pour yourself a hot toddy, and settle in for a long winter’s nap. You deserve it.

Oversized Silhouettes Are In

Well, gentlemen, if you thought “cozy chic” couldn’t get any cozier, think again. This winter, oversized silhouettes are taking comfort to a whole new level. We’re talking sweaters big enough to share with your better half, puffer jackets with room for two, and sweatpants so spacious you’ll want to schedule a wine tour.

Oversized Men's Silhouettes


Sweaters: The Bigger the Better

Forget fitted knits. This season, we’re embracing sweaters so large and in charge they’re practically blankets. Turtlenecks, crewnecks, cardigans —the style doesn’t matter as long as it looks like it was made for a giant. Wear them with equally oversized sweatpants for a look that says, “I may never leave my couch again.” Add a fuzzy hat for extra coziness points.

Puffer Jackets: Now in “Sleeping Bag” Size

Puffer jackets are usually designed to keep you warm, not act as portable tents. This year, however, designers are supersizing the silhouette with styles reaching down to the knees and beyond. Quilted coats so voluminous you’ll forget you’re wearing one. They’re perfect for braving winter weather without sacrificing comfort.

Joggers and Sweatpants: For Maximum Lounging

If there’s one trend we can fully support, it’s super soft sweatpants and joggers cut for optimal slouching. Drawstring waists dropped crotches, and extra fabric mean these laid-back bottoms are made for activities that mostly involve a couch, snacks, and streaming your favorite shows. For a sporty yet slovenly look, pair them with a matching oversized hoodie. Now, that’s what we call athleisure.

Gentlemen, this winter, the game’s name is excess fabric and ultimate coziness. Oversized everything is in for a season of hibernating in style. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some serious lounging. Does anyone care to join?

’70s-Inspired Patterns and Colors Make a Comeback

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been ready for the ’70s to return to men’s fashion for a while now. The colors, the patterns, the silhouettes—everything about that era screams cool. So when our sources told us ’70s-inspired styles would be huge for winter 2024, we danced joyfully.

Get ready, gents, because your wardrobe is about to get a whole lot groovier. Also Read Men’s Grooming Guide: How to Take Your Style to the Next Level

Psychedelic prints

Trippy prints are making a big return for 2024. We’re talking swirling paisleys, cosmic geometrics, and acid-inspired florals. Sport them on button-down shirts, sweaters, jackets, or anything that can handle a wild pattern. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is fairly muted–you don’t want to induce any flashbacks.

Earthy tones

Mustard yellow, burnt orange, forest green, deep red—all the nature-inspired hues of the ’70s will be popular again. These rich, saturated colors are perfect for cold weather and pair well with denim, corduroy, suede, and faux fur. We recommend stocking up on pieces in these shades to create cohesive ’70s-themed outfits.

Flared everything

Wide-leg pants, bootcut jeans, flared sleeves—the ’70s were all about exaggerated silhouettes and loose, flowy fits. In 2024, flared and baggy pants, especially corduroys and wool trousers, will be a key trend. Look for pieces with billowy peasant sleeves, tunic lengths, and zipper details for tops. And don’t forget a statement belt to cinch everything in at the waist.

The ’70s produced some of the coolest fashion trends, and 2024 is bringing many of them back in style. The era’s signature looks are returning, from psychedelic prints to earthy colors to flared fits. So start perfecting your peace signs and dig out those old vinyl records—the ’70s revival is here, baby!

Faux Fur Accents Add Texture and Warmth

Fellas, are we doing this? Faux fur accents in 2024? As much as we like to poke fun at the bizarre sartorial choices of the future, we must admit faux fur adds texture and warmth to an outfit. And when the weather outside is frightful, a little extra coziness goes a long way.

Faux fur collars on pea coats and overcoats are making a comeback. Channel your inner ’70s pimp, or add a touch of softness around the neckline. Faux fur lapels on blazers are another way to embrace the trend with subtlety. A faux fur vest over a chunky sweater is a look for the bold. Avoid full-length fur coats unless you want to be mistaken for a grizzly bear.

Men Faux Fur Accents

Faux fur trims the cuffs and hoods of winter jackets, providing insulation where it’s needed most. Speaking of hoods, a faux fur-lined hood is ideal for windy days when your ears need maximum protection from the elements. For a stylish apres-ski ensemble, try a faux fur trapper hat. You’ll be the talk of the lodge.

When it comes to faux fur, moderation is key. A few well-placed accents are all you need to make a stylish statement. And since no animals were harmed in making these garments, you can rock the fur guilt-free. Our advice? Choose high-quality faux fur that looks as realistic as possible in natural shades of gray, brown, and black. Avoid neon colors unless you want to be mistaken for an exotic bird.

Fashion is about self-expression. If faux fur makes you feel like the sophisticated, rugged mountain man you are inside, then by all means, drape yourself in the stuff. Just promise us you’ll draw the line before full-length faux fur pants. A man’s got to have standards.

Puffy, Quilted Jackets for Maximum Coziness

Listen, if there’s one thing we know about winter fashion trends, staying warm and cozy reigns supreme. Gone are the days of stiff wool coats and icy fingers. This season, we’re all about puffy, quilted jackets for maximum coziness.

The Michelin Man Look

Channel your inner Michelin man with the puffiest of puffy jackets. We’re talking down or synthetic fill layers to bulk you up and shield you from the elements. Think marshmallow, the abominable snowman, the stay-put man – whatever inflatable creature floats your boat. These jackets are so stuffed you’ll barely be able to move your arms. But who needs mobility when you’re oh so toasty?

Some recommended brands for peak puff are Canada Goose, Moncler, and Moosejaw. Be prepared to drop some serious cash on these high-tech jackets. But don’t worry; cheaper options from Uniqlo, The North Face, and Columbia will also get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

Quilted for the Win

Go for a quilted jacket for a slightly more tailored look that still provides ample warmth. These jackets have a down, polyester, or goose feather fill but in a diamond patterned quilt stitch to prevent the fill from shifting around. The result is a lightweight but insulating layer that won’t make you look like you’re headed to the Arctic tundra.

Popular styles include bomber jackets, field jackets, and blazers in quilted fabrics. Brands like Barbour, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, and Guess offer timeless quilted jackets to take you from season to season. For extra coziness, look for a jacket with a detachable hood, cozy ribbed cuffs, and deep front pockets to sink your hands into.

This winter, don’t choose between fashion and function. You can have the best of both worlds with puffy, quilted jackets. Staying warm never looked so good!

 Keep Feet Warm and Dry

Come winter 2024, we’re busting out the chunky boots. Not just any boots, mind you—we’re talking serious stompers that keep our toes toasty while we trudge through slush and snow.

Men's Chunky Boots


Waterproof Wonder

For ultimate coziness, look for waterproof boots with Thinsulate or similar insulation to keep out the wet and cold. We’re fond of styles like Chelsea boots, duck boots, and hikers that lace up for support. For warmth and durability, brands like Sorel, Kamik, and Columbia are tried-and-true.

Platforms Please

If you want to gain a few inches (of height), platform boots are making a comeback. Brands like Dr. Martens and Dolce & Gabbana have options with rugged, grippy soles that add some lift. Just be careful on icy sidewalks! We’d hate for our fashionable brethren to take a tumble.


F fleece- or shearling-lined boots can’t be beaten for the ultimate in cold-weather pampering. Slip into a pair of UGGs or Bearpaws, and your feet will stay toasty for hours. Sure, some may say they’re not the most stylish, but on a frigid winter day, who cares! Comfort over fashion, we always say.

Whether you go for serious snow boots, platforms with personality, or fleece-lined foot spas, chunky boots are necessary for braving winter weather with panache. Stay warm out there, friends! Our feet thank us, even if our wallets don’t.

Accessorizing for Winter: Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

Regarding accessorizing for the frigid winter of 2024, we’ve literally covered you from head to toe. As fashion-forward men, we know the devil is in the details, so we’ve scoured the runways to determine what’s hot (or cold?). Here’s what you need to complete your winter ensemble and ensure you’re the best-dressed guy in the snow.

men winter season accessories


You’ll want to top off your look with a stylish winter hat to keep your ears from turning into icicles. Knit beanies, trapper hats, and newsboy caps are tried-and-true classics, but if you want to stand out in a sea of stocking caps, go for a statement piece like a shearling aviator hat or a retro-inspired driver cap. For extra flair, look for hats featuring touches of faux fur, vegan leather, or your favorite sports team’s logo.


Slipping on gloves is a no-brainer in frigid weather, but as fashionable men, we can do better than a $5 pair from the corner store. Look for gloves crafted of high-quality materials like cashmere, lambswool, or deer suede. You can’t beat a pair of touchscreen-compatible gloves for extra skill, so you can still fire off texts and gram-worthy selfies without exposing your fingers to the elements.


A stylish winter scarf is the perfect final flourish for any outfit. From chunky blanket scarves to lightweight silk neck warmers, a scarf adds visual interest while protecting you from icy winter winds. You can’t go wrong with an oversized cable knit or plaid blanket scarf for maximum coziness. Just wrap it around your neck, shoulders, and upper torso, and you’ll feel the warmth in no time.

With the right winter gear like these, the bitter cold won’t stop you from looking chill. So bundle up, gents—your perfectly accessorized winter outfit awaits!

Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2024 | FAQ

Alright, gents, the time has come to address the snark and speculation surrounding men’s fashion trends for winter in 2024. We know you have questions. And as your trusted grooming guides, we have the answers.

Are Snuggies making a high-fashion comeback?

Rumors of the Snuggie’s return have been greatly exaggerated. While blanket hoodies may experience a minor resurgence on the runways, the odds of this frumpy fleece number making its way into your closet are slim to none. Think stylish sweaters, sleek coats, and suave scarves instead.

Should we expect a tartan takeover?

Plaid will be having a moment, but full-on tartan domination is unlikely. Look for classic checkered patterns and muted hues on everything from overcoats to trousers. However, unless you’re channeling your inner lumberjack, avoid head-to-toe tartan. A little goes a long way, gents.

How many turtlenecks are too many?

There’s no definitive answer here – you do you! Turtlenecks are trending for good reason. They’re comfortable yet polished and pair well under blazers and overcoats. If turtlenecks are your thing, stock up. For the rest, there are plenty of 1-2 high-quality turtlenecks in solid colors.

Are ‘man skirts’ really happening?

Despite what some in the fashion industry want, ‘man skirts’ (or should we say ‘pants’?) will likely remain a fringe item. While gender-fluid fashion continues to gain mainstream acceptance, the average guy’s closet will still consist of tried-and-true staples like trousers, jeans, and shorts. If you’re eager to push sartorial boundaries, a stylish kilt may be as far as most men are willing to venture.

There you have it, gents. The winter 2024 fashion trends you need to know. No frumpy fleece in sight. You can thank us later!

Happy Winter Season Fellas!

As we’ve explored, men’s fashion in winter 2024 is all about comfort, coziness, and a touch of quirk. Gone are the days of stiff suits and ties – the modern man embraces warmth and softness. The trends point to a winter of chunky knits, oversized everything, fuzzy fabrics, and, yes, even the Snuggie-inspired. 

While the looks are relaxed, the details show it’s not pure laziness – there’s an art to appearing artfully disheveled. The winter may be cold outside, but the fashion is heating up. The takeaway for the stylish gent? Wrap yourself in lush layers, get weird with the textures, and stay snug and smug, knowing you’re on the cutting edge of cozy cool. The future is fuzzy, fellas.

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