Best Shoes for Big Guys | Finding the Perfect Fit for Every Step

Best Shoes for Big Guys | Finding the Perfect Fit for Every Step

Best Shoes for Big Guys

With our carefully chosen collection of the best shoes for big guys, you can walk into unmatched comfort and style with every step.

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I don’t know about you, but my feet are prone to revolting if I don’t treat them right. As a man of size and stature, finding shoes that fit comfortably and support my frequent pounding of pavement is no small feat (pun intended). My dogs are barking for high-quality kicks that can handle the daily grind without making my arches ache or giving me blisters the size of gumballs. 

Don’t even get me started on the perils of cheap shoes – my pinky toes are still recovering from their last escape attempt. This big guy needs athletic shoes with space, support, and style. For all you other ample-footed men out there, never fear – your shoe fairy godmother is here to guide you to footwear that fits a king (or at least a prince of considerable girth). 

Our glass slippers may not be dainty, but we’ll walk on air. Take it from me, a battle-hardened veteran of the large shoe wars – these top picks are like magic. Now, to the shoes!

Introduction: Finding the Right Fit for Big Feet

After years of trial and error, I’ve found a few brands that get it and make kicks suitable for us plus-sized gents. New Balance, for example, offers shoes in a range of widths, up to 6E for maximum foot real estate. Their Fresh Foam Beacons are a solid choice if you want a running shoe that won’t cramp your style. 

For more casual wear, Rockport typically stocks sizes up to 17 and makes some comfortable loafers and lace-ups.

If you’re working with some canoes, specializes in oversized shoes from size 14. Their selection won’t win any fashion awards, but beggars can’t be choosers when your options are limited. As long as the shoes I buy don’t look like clown shoes, I consider it a victory.

Fellas, don’t lose hope. With persistence, you can also find shoes that make your massive mitts look almost normal. Now, if only I could find a glass slipper for my size 17s! A guy can dream…

Running Shoes Built for Heavy Runners

Finding the right pair of running shoes can be a pain in the arch when you’re a big guy. Most shoes aren’t built for our cinder block feet, leaving us with blisters the size of baseballs after a single jog around the block.

But fret not, my plus-sized friends, for I have scoured the interwebs to find running shoes that can handle our generous proportions. These kicks are built for comfort and support, not for dainty Cinderellas.

The Brooks Glycerin 18 is like running on marshmallows. Brooks uses DNA LOFT cushioning, a fancy way of saying it’s soft as a cloud under your feet. The latest model also has a roomy toe box and lace-up support to keep your dogs from barking. At around $150, the Glycerin 18 is a worthwhile investment for your feet and sanity.

brooks men glycerin shoesThe Salomon XA Pro 3D offers stability and comfort over rugged terrain for trail running. An aggressive outsole gives grip on dirt and rocks, while Salomon’s patented 3D Advanced Chassis cradles your foot for a smooth ride. At $130, you get premium quality for pounding the trails.

Men Salomon XA Pro 3D

If you’re on a budget, the ASICS Gel Kayano 25, around $100, provides solid cushioning and support for bigger runners. Gel inserts absorb shock, and a snug upper secured with stretch laces prevents slippage so you can focus on the run, not your shoes coming untied. Again.

Men running shoes GEL-KAYANO 25

The right running shoe for us (big guys) is the one that fits comfortably and supports our frame, leaving us free to embrace the joy of the run. Our feet may be big, but that gives us a bigger base to stand on. Now lace up those shoes and get moving!

Walking All Day? Choose the Most Supportive Shoes

As a big guy, I know the agony of walking all day in shoes that don’t cut it. My dogs are barking by lunchtime, and I’m limping into happy hour. Finding the right walking shoes is crucial for us plus-sized fellas.

Support is Key

For long walks, look for shoes with ample arch support and cushioning. My favorites are trail shoes, which provide stability for uneven terrain and shock absorption. Brands like Salomon, Merrell, and Keen offer styles up to size 17 that won’t have you crying uncle halfway through your hike.

  • Gel inserts or custom orthotics can also help reduce pain for long distances. Anything to keep these size 15s happy campers.
  • A rigid midsole and heel counter prevents overpronation (your ankles rolling in). This is especially important for big boys since we have more weight-bearing down with each step.
  • Look for a wide-toe box so your piggies can move freely without feeling pinched. Nobody puts these baby toes in a corner
  • For casual walking, a slip-on style is convenient, but ensure it has a sturdy, non-skid sole. My go-to is a pair of leather loafers with rubber bottoms – easy on, easy off.

Think beyond Running Shoes

While running shoes may seem obvious, they often lack the support for prolonged walking. Trail shoes, hiking shoes, and rugged oxfords will treat your tired dogs much better for all-day adventures. 

Take it from this big guy – getting the right walking shoes can make the difference between powering through a day of exploring versus needing a piggyback ride to the car. Cinderella had it easy – we plus-sized princes must work harder to find our perfect fit. But when we do, walking on clouds has never felt so good.

Hit the Gym in Style With Athletic Shoes for Big Guys

Finding shoes that fit can be a pain in the arch when you’re a big dude. Most athletic shoe brands cater to the average foot, leaving us hulking guys in the cold. But a few brands are designing shoes specifically for those of us with larger feet. Check out these picks if you want to get your swole on at the gym.

For lifting weights or high-intensity interval training, I recommend the Adidas Adipower. These bad boys provide maximum stability for heavy lifts with a stiff midsole and lots of support. The wide toe box gives your toes plenty of room to spread out during squats and deadlifts. Bonus: they come in sizes up to 17, so your big feet will be happy.

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting 3 Shoes White

If running’s your thing, the Brooks Beast is a solid choice. Brooks uses stretchy, breathable mesh on these shoes to accommodate swelling feet. They’re designed for severe overpronators, with lots of arch support and heel cushioning. The Beast absorbs shock like a champ, which is key when pounding the pavement. Sizes exceed 16, so you shouldn’t have difficulty finding your fit.

For cardio or sports with lateral movement, I like the Asics GEL-Kayano. Thanks to a dual-density midsole, these offer extra stability and support for bigger frames. The Gel cushioning system protects your joints from the impact of high-intensity workouts. They come in wide sizes for maximum toe splay room. The GEL-Kayano is a solid bet if you want a shoe that can keep up with your high-energy gym sessions.

Now go hit the gym and work up a sweat, big guy. Your feet will thank you.

Casual Kicks for Looking and Feeling Good

Listen up, big fellas—it’s time to talk casual kicks. Finding comfortable yet stylish shoes for everyday wear can be challenging when you’ve got extra real estate to cover. But we’ve got you covered—literally and figuratively.

Chill Chuck Taylors

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Chuck Taylors. Converse makes their iconic sneakers in extra wide sizes, providing plenty of toe room without the clown shoe effect. The simple, retro style complements any casual outfit, from jeans to shorts. And the breathable canvas material keeps your feet cool and odor-free, even on hot days.

Casual Loafers

If laces aren’t your thing, loafers are a great lace-less option for big guys. Brands like Rockport, Ecco, and Clarks offer loafers in wide sizes designed for comfort. Look for a style with a padded tongue and collar, elastic side panels, and a flexible, slip-resistant sole. These features will give your feet some “wiggle room” while keeping the shoes securely in place. Loafers pair well with khakis or slacks for a laid-back yet polished look.

Boat Shoes

Channel your inner frat guy with a pair of . Brands like Sperry and Sebago carry boat shoes for big feet that provide arch support and non-slip soles. The soft, hand-sewn uppers will stretch and mold to your feet over time. Just be sure to wear socks to avoid odor buildup. Boat shoes add a preppy vibe to shorts, jeans, and slacks.

sperry men boat shoes collection

Ultimately, feeling comfortable and confident in what’s on your feet is the most important thing. Don’t let anyone convince you that you should squeeze into shoes too small to adhere to some fashion standard. There are plenty of stylish, well-made options for big guys if you know where to look. Your feet—and your self-esteem—will thank you.

Orthopedic Shoes – When You Need Extra Support

When you’re a big guy, finding shoes that properly support your frame can be a challenge. Standard shoes just don’t cut it—you need orthopedic shoes designed specifically for us plus-sized princes. My dogs are barking just thinking about it.

Extra Arch Support

Our arches tend to collapse under the weight, so we need shoes with solid arch support and cushioning. Brands like New Balance, Brooks, and Asics are my go-to. Their shoes offer support for flat feet and overpronation, so I’m not limping around like a wounded water buffalo by the end of the day.

Roomy Toe Box

There’s nothing worse than having your toes squished together like sardines in a can. Look for a spacious toe box that gives your little piggies plenty of wiggle room. Brands like OluKai, Vionic, and Apex make comfy walking shoes and slippers with toe boxes so roomy you could park a bus there.

Durable and Flexible Soles

When you’ve got extra poundage, your soles take a pounding with each step. Find shoes made of durable, shock-absorbing materials that also flex with your feet. Rubber, polyurethane, and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) are great options. Brands like Oboz, Keen, and Merrell are known for their hard yet flexible soles.

Lace-Up or Velcro Closure

Lace-up and Velcro closures give the most adjustable and customized fit for big feet. Slip-ons and loafers don’t provide enough support and stability. Lace-up shoes allow you to adjust tightness over your instep and along the tongue, while Velcro straps make it easy to adjust the fit across your forefoot and ankle. These closure types, combined with a roomy toe box and proper arch support, help ensure the shoes hug your feet in all the right places.

Fellas, don’t suffer another day of sore feet and achy arches. Treat those big dogs of yours to some high-quality orthopedic shoes. Your feet will thank you, and you’ll walk taller knowing you’ve found your perfect (shoe) fit. Now, if only the rest of the wardrobe was so easy!

How to Shop for Shoes When You Have Wide Feet

Finding shoes that fit can be a real pain in the arch when you’ve got wide feet like mine. My feet are so wide I could water ski without skis, and most shoes pinch my poor piggies something awful. After years of dealing with this struggle, I’ve learned some pro tips for my fellow Sasquatches to score shoes that don’t make us want to see off our toes.

Forget about conventional sizing charts. Those things were not made for us. I’m technically supposed to be a size 12, but I need at least a 14 EEE to fit my flippers. Don’t be afraid to size up—no one will know but you and your podiatrist.

Lok for brands that specifically cater to those of us with wider feet. New Balance, SAS, Propet, and Rockport all make extra-wide sizes that fit like a glove (if gloves were for your feet). These cost a bit more but are worth it for the perfect fit.

Shop online instead of in stores. Most brick-and-mortar shoe stores have a lousy selection for us wide-footed folks. But sites like Zappos, 6 pm, and Oddball specialize in hard-to-find sizes. They have way more options in wider and larger sizes. Plus, most have free shipping and returns, so you can try on shoes at home where no one will judge your weirdly shaped feet.

Finally, consider custom orthotics or shoe inserts. You can get custom orthotic inserts to fit your specific foot shape if all else fails. These provide support and can help make even narrower shoes more comfortable. You can get custom orthotics from a podiatrist or buy over-the-counter inserts.

We can at least turn that pumpkin into a comfortable slipper with the right techniques. Our feet may always be freakishly wide, but that doesn’t mean we must smash them into shoes that pinch and squeeze the daylights out. With the right brands, sites, and inserts, we can have our glass slipper and wear it too.

Top Shoe Brands Known for Roomy Fits

When you’ve got more to love, finding shoes that fit can be trickier than getting Prince Charming’s glass slipper on Cinderella’s plus-sized stepsister. As a big guy, I’ve had to kiss many frogs (or should I say dogs?) before finding shoe brands that don’t make my feet feel like stuffed sausages.

After much trial and error, I’ve found a few brands known for their generous fit and comfortable kicks, perfect for us ample-footed fellas.

New Balance

This brand is my go-to for athletic shoes, from walking to running and everything in between. Their shoes come in a range of widths from normal to extra-extra wide, and they don’t skimp on support. I especially like their Fresh Foam line, which feels like walking on marshmallows.


Another brand is making high-quality shoes for big boys. Their Ghost, Glycerin, and Revel models offer cushy support for walking and running. And their casual shoes like the Revel 4 and Launch 8 keep you stylish off the track. Brooks is pricey but worth it.


Yes, even popular brands like Nike have options for us. Their Air Max, Tanjun, and Revolution lines include extra-wide sizes and are designed for bigger builds. I’ve found Nikes to be quite durable and long-lasting. Look for their “big size” or “oversize” options.

Nike shoes for overweight men's


This brand is known for its comfortable and affordable casual shoes, many of which come in extended sizes. Their GOwalk and D’Lites lines have many stretchy, lightweight options for walking or everyday wear. Skechers may not have the best arch support but they’ll do in a pinch.

Ultimately, the only way to find your perfect pair is to get out there and try on shoes. But with these brands, at least you’ve got a fighting chance at finding shoes as comfortable as they are stylish, no matter how much foot you have to fit in them!

FAQ – Answering Common Questions on Shoes for Big Guys

So you’re a big guy looking for some kicks, eh? Welcome to the club. Finding fit shoes can be a pain in the arch for us plus-sized fellas. The good news is that some brands have finally realized that not all men are size 10 with narrow feet. The bad news is you still have to know where to look.

As a lifelong big guy, I’ve gone through more than a few pairs of “Big & Tall” shoes that were anything but. My dogs were barking after a single day in those concrete blocks they called “walking shoes.” And don’t even get me started on the high-top “basketball” shoes that gave me ankle blisters instead of ankle support.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about finding shoes for big guys that won’t make you want to chop off your feet. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get:

Do wider shoes mean lower quality?

Not. Some top athletic and casual shoe brands now offer wider sizes and extra depth for us huskier hombre. Brands like New Balance, Brooks, and Saucony all make high-quality shoes specifically tailored for bigger body types. Don’t settle for cheap shoes because they come in “wide.”

Should I size up for more room?

Sizing up seems like an easy fix, but it often backfires. Too long shoes won’t support your feet properly and can cause pain, blisters, and injury over time. It’s best to have your feet measured to determine your proper width and arch length. Then, look for shoes specifically designed in that size and width.

What are the most comfortable shoes for heavy guys?

In my experience, the most comfortable shoes for bigger guys are:

  • Running shoes: Brooks Beast, Saucony Grid Omni Walker
  • Walking shoes: New Balance MW811, ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22
  • Casual shoes: Rockport Eureka, Skechers Afterburn
  • Dress shoes: Rockport Style Leader 2, Dunham Cloud

The most important thing is finding shoes that fit your feet. Don’t settle for whatever’s left in the “Big & Tall” section. Your dogs deserve better than that! Measure up, search out shoes made specifically for bigger body types, and your feet will thank you.

A Big Guy’s Fairy Tale Ending in the Perfect Shoes

Prince Charming was right – the shoe does fit. We big guys need to find our glass slippers, er, running shoes. After trying on what felt like every shoe in the kingdom, I’ve found my sole mates. My dogs are barking their approval. While Cinderella may have struggled to find the perfect fit, we hefty fellas now have a fairy godmother in companies that craft comfortable, supportive shoes for our larger frames. My quest is complete. If you’ll excuse me, I have a ball to get to and a princess to sweep off her feet. Looks like the fairy tale ending isn’t just for the petite. Big guys can also have their happily ever after, one comfy step at a time.

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